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The Impossible Game


World Hardest Game

World Hardest Game is in fact the most difficult game that you have ever played. When you play this game for the first time, you may thing that it is not as hard as...

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World Hardest Game 3

World Hardest Game 3 is the most recent version of the popular flash game. This game is really difficult, even to start a new game you will have to do a task and enter the...

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Impossible Ninja 2

Impossible Ninja 2 is a rather addicting game, where your character is a ninja who is trying to survive. You have a gun in your hand, but an invisible ninjas are throuwing deadly weapons...

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The Impossible Quiz Book 2

The Legendary Quiz game is back and now you have an opportunity to play the second chapter of the game at our website. In THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ BOOK CHAPTER 2 the gameplay is absolutely...

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The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 2 is back with even more difficult questions where you will have to use your brain to answer those difficult questions. The first version of the game is also available at...

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The Impossible Quiz

The impossible quiz is a bit different type of quiz. Here you have to answer the questions, but those questions are really difficult and need some time to give the right answer. The questions...

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the impossible-game-2

The Impossible Game 2

The Impossible Game 2 is really an impossible game. I could hardly reach the 8th level of the game. The mission of the player is to move the white squate towards the big yellow...

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The Impossible Quiz Book

This is another game from the Impossible Quiz series and it is called THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ BOOK: CHAPTER 1. The game has more than 60 unusual questions where you have to find the right...

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The Impossible Game

Which game do you think most people believe is the hardest to play? Well, if you think the impossible game is the one then your guess is as good as mine is. Apparently, this is one of those games, which have been doing rounds for a number of years and it is likely that you have played it at some point. Since its inception in 2009, this game has drawn attention the world over because of its high level of difficulty.
As its name suggests, the impossible game has a lot to live up to. The moment the players try the first shot for a spin, they tend to believe that this game is really impossible. The 2D plat-former out-scrolls and simply asks if you could jump over some obstacles or shun from jumping during certain instances. The jump button in this plat-former makes it the best in the purest sense. Of course, the flag function is also there to set up the checkpoints, as well as serve as retrial function.
The presence of practice mode also gives players a chance to drop checkpoint flags at any point in the level. Once they make a blunder, they would not have to start afresh, but will be returned to the flag instead. In fact, this is a great advantage to the players since they can practice on tough sections before proceeding to non-practice mode later on. However, a player needs to be really careful in dropping the flags since it is easy to drop checkpoint flags in the wrong spot.
At first, some players may get disappointed because the game has only four levels. When compared with other games, this game seems to be behind in this capacity. However, every stage is difficult and long enough, which makes the completion of the process long. The advantage of the impossible game is that it succeeds where other games have failed. By offering simple and precise gameplay, it lures players into believing they can learn all the tricks of the game if they are only persistent.
Our website is dedicated to the impossible games, you can find a lot of interesting puzzle games as well as different educational games. Hope you will enjoy our website and spend more time at